YouTube Video Ads for Authors

Who wants to be an Author?

Or are you already there?

I’ve got something that will help you take your game to the next level. (Notice I didn’t say “WILL TAKE”. That’s up to you.)

But what I have for you today will definitely help.

Hi – Tom Morgan, Literary Agent, Author, and Publisher here. And I’ve created the first complete YouTube Video Ads Training SPECIFICALLY for Authors.

But – before I show you under the hood, let me answer the obvious question: “Why YouTube Video Ads instead of Facebook?”

Simple Answer: A 5 letter word starting with “M” and ending with “Y.”

With a Facebook Video Ad – you’re charged after 3 seconds of viewing.

With a YouTube Video Ad – if the viewer bails out before 30 seconds – YOU PAY NOTHING! No brainer, right?

Now – inside this A-Z nugget filled no fluff training you’ll learn:

* The two types of YouTube Video Ads and when to use them.

* How to set up/optimize your YouTube channel.

* How to harvest relevant keywords from other videos.

* How to navigate Google Adwords(where YouTube Video Ads live)and connect your YouTube channel to it.

* How to set up your first campaign. (And why using all the demographic options could be a bad idea.)

* (In Video 8) How I got ONE CENT CLICKS for two  very high competition keywords(“Christmas” and “Christmas Gifts”) the week BEFORE Christmas.

* How to create your Video Ad for free.(Not re-using other YouTube Videos.) Plus – how to find FREE professional quality images to use in that video.

* How to optimize your Video file for maximum YouTube/Google Love.

THAT’S IT! No OTO/up/down/cross sell. Just 10 solid no fluff videos of actionable content.

Here’s what two of Publishing’s most respected multi-book Authors and content creators have to say:

This is a powerful and much needed training that will help Authors leverage the massive popularity of YouTube to sell more books.

                                – Amy Harrop –

This is a great step by step breakdown of YouTube Ads! Every Author should be doing YouTube Ads because you can find highly targeted folks to connect with.

                              – Debbie Drum –

There are NO REFUNDS. For the obvious reason – there is nothing to “like”/dislike.” It’s information. You want it or you don’t.

The first 20 Authors/Writers who see the incredible value here will get a 30 minute Skype consultation with me. Any and all questions related to Publishing are on the table.

DISCLAIMER: This is a Video Tutorial series. Not a system. I don’t guarantee, promise or imply that the information here will translate into book sales. That’s up to you. (As is everything in your life.)

HOW MUCH? – Now – $27. 6 days from now $47.

Your Serve.

Wishing you the best in Literature and Life!


You Tube Video Ads for Authors






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