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It’s off the table at 12:01am March 31

And It’s Risk Free.

If for any reason (even if you’re just in a bad mood!) within 30 days you feel ArtPix4 Me is not for you….shoot me a mail at: help@artpix4.me and I’ll personally(not my”assistant”) refund your entire purchase. And – YOU CAN KEEP THE PHOTOS! (can you say : “Risk Free?”)

PLUS… I’ll give you a fifth original Fine Art Photograph as a thank you for trying Art Pix4 Me.(can you say : “win 5X?”)

Yes, I know some dirtbags are going to rip me off. That’s just the way Life is. But I know that’s not you.

And to prove it…I have something special for you. A FREE GIFT!

To demonstrate the quality you’ll be receiving every week as an Art Pix4 Me member – you may download the High Res. original Fine Art Image below. Print it out. Have it Framed. Enjoy it. Even if you don’t join us.

But if you do…

Because I want to reward you for staying with me , in addition to those four exceptionally high quality original monthly photos, ArtPix4 Me members receive – by postal mail:

1. After 3 months – one hard copy original signed image from my main site.
2. After 6 months – Two Hard copy original signed images.
3. After 12 months – Three hard copy original signed images PLUS 6 photos every month!

BOTTOM LINE : The longer you stay the more you get. FOR THE SAME PRICE!

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Remember my 30 day “your word is gold” unconditional full money back guarantee means your investment is totally RISK FREE!

Art Pix4 Me isn’t for everyone . It’s not meant to be. It’s only for people who truly love Fine Art Photography. That’s why I’m strictly limiting membership to 100.

Only 99 other people in the entire World will ever own the same images as you.

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Your fellow Art Photo lover,

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Christopher Strong.

Affordable Original, Limited Edition Fine Art Photography